Neonatal Hip Ultrasound

Neonatal Hip Ultrasound

Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip is a congenital disorder in which the acetabulum is underdeveloped or there is dislocation of the hip. Incidence of DDH is 1.5 in 1,000 it is more seen in females with a ratio of about 4:1.

Abnormal Physical
Hip Click
Breech Presentation
Family history or follow up for known Dysplasia



With the patient in lateral decubitus, dynamic imaging is obtained by performing Barlow (adduction or flexion) and Ortolani (abduction) maneuvers. Via the acetabulum you measure the Alpha and Beta angles.

Normal measurements are Alpha >60 degrees and Beta <55 degrees.

Images in neutral, adduction (flexion) and abduction (extension)

Measure the beta and alpha angles, asses acetabular morphology and for subluxation.


Images in neutral, adduction (flexion) and abduction (extension)


Graf Classification



Click to access hip.pdf

Small Part and Hip Ultrasound

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