Neonatal Hip Ultrasound

Neonatal Hip Ultrasound Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip is a congenital disorder in which the acetabulum is underdeveloped or there is dislocation of the hip. Incidence of DDH is 1.5 in 1,000 it is more seen in females with a ratio of about 4:1. IndicationsAbnormal PhysicalHip ClickBreech PresentationOligohydramniosFamily history or follow up for known Dysplasia

Pyloric Ultrasound

Indications Vomiting usually occurring occasionally at first, then progressing to occur after every feeding and becoming projectile, which is considered pathognomic for pyloric stenosis. Delayed diagnosis can lead to failure to thrive, dehydration and electrolyte disturbances. It is the most common cause of non bilious surgical vomiting in infancy. Use a high frequency linear transducer… Read More Pyloric Ultrasound