Arterial Duplex/Doppler Sonography of the Upper Extremities

Duplex sonography of the extremities is a non-invasive and valuable tool in detecting diseases in the blood vessels of the arms and legs. This post will cover the basic evaluation of the upper and lower extremity arterial systems. Indications 1. DETECTION OF STENOSIS OR OCCLUSIONS IN SEGMENTS OF THE PERIPHERAL ARTERIES. 2. MONITORING OF SITES… Read More Arterial Duplex/Doppler Sonography of the Upper Extremities

Nutcracker Phenomenon/Syndrome

Nutcracker syndrome is a vascular compression disorder. The left renal vein courses in between the Aorta and Superior Mesenteric Artery(SMA). If the descent of the SMA is to steep and the aorto-mesenteric angle to acute (normal angle is 38–65°) this could lead to left renal vein compression and Nutcracker syndrome/phenomenon. The difference between Nutcracker syndrome… Read More Nutcracker Phenomenon/Syndrome